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ASBH 2010 Conference Recordings on MP3 Format CD

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    Bioethics and the humanities have much to contribute to concerns
connected to groups as well as individuals.  At the 2010 ASBH Annual
Meeting, scholars address health, disability and disease as it affects
local, national and global groups.  Healthcare professionals, researchers,
humanists and lawyers bring experiences, expertise, and interests that
shape our understanding of the health of communities as it informs,
and is informed by, ethics, law, politics, medicine and the humanities.
Proposals are presented that critically examine issues related to
societal groups - such as the appropriate distribution of societal
resources, the ways in which the arts inform concerns about the health
of populations, and our understanding of communities, healthcare
professionals' duty to warn in case of communicaable disease, and fair
distribution of health resources during natural disaster, and the various
contributions of the arts and humanities to the health care communities.
     If you were unable to attend the conference, or missed any of the
more than 100 sessions, you can order the recordings here on two MP3
Format CDs, easily downloaded to your iPod or other portable audio
device.  You can print out the order form and fax or mail in your order.
But for fastest service, and to save money, order right here on line. 
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