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ICI 2012 Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference Presentations On Disc or Download

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  These are the audio recordings and/or visual materials from the Investment Company Institute's 2012 Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference, held March 18 - 21, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.  You may select the Interactive CD-ROM which contains the audio as well as Power Points or other visual materials of the sessions.  You may also choose the download if you do not want the physical disc.  Once you complete checkout, within the week we'll send you a confirmation of your order, and a link to download your files.  You can print out the order form for fax or mail orders, but for fastest service, and to save money, just order right here on-line.  NOTE: Our on-line store does not support free shipping for downloads, however, we will deduct the shipping charges from your order in the office.  Your receipt will also reflect that there is no charge for shipping of downloads.  Thanks! 
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